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Ecopia R710
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Tyre Details

The R710 completes Bridgestone’s range of fuel saving tyres and is designed specifically for vans and light duty commercial vehicles. Developed to deliver fuel saving capabilities and long wear life, it is ideal for private use as well as fleet operators.

Key Features

  • Fuel efficient compound - The Ecopia R710 uses Bridgestone’s advanced low-rolling resistance compound. By reducing energy loss, the Nano Pro-Tech compound delivers fuel saving capabilities and longer wear life.

  • Reduced rolling resistance - Energy saving line crown shape reduces rolling resistance by minimising energy loss from case shape change.

  • Improved steering stability - O-Bead II improves steering through next generation bead wire structure which reduces cornering tyre deformation.

  • Optimised handling stability and quietness - Next generation Gutt II computer modelling optimises handling stability and quietness.

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